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Raging Sharks is an NFT project which concentrates on the idea of community building and wants to offer the chance to the community to take the decisions of the platform, rather than the decision being centralized in nature. This is what blockchain was meant to be. Decentralized in nature, following democracy and every participant having the rights in the decision-making process of the platform, which Raging Sharks offers.


It is truly community-driven and built for the community. The platform supports many give away for its participants and even shares rights for the decision about the royalties. It is the 1st community to do so. All of the rights will go to the community wallet, and decisions about the royalties will be taken by the community every other month on its socials like Twitter.


Raging Sharks ecosystem consists of 10,000 total different sharks out of which there are 4999 sharks which are common. The other 5000 sharks are divided into 2 unique royal families of sharks, each having 2 unique traits. One family is called Leo sharks, while the other one is called Zib sharks. And the last remaining shark is the King Shark, which is the king.

Families of Sharks


Leo Sharks

This royal family consists of 2500 unique Raging sharks to its name. There unique trait of the shark is the spotted color pattern.


Zib Sharks

This royal family consists of 2500 of its Raging sharks. The unique trait for Zib sharks are stripping pattern.

King Shark

1 unknown shark

Each royal family is finding it hard to get along and hence want one of their own to be the next king. The great thing about our minting process is that the allotment of sharks is random. The collector can mint a shark from one of the two families, or a common shark, or even the king of sharks himself.

The chances of choosing these sharks are as below

Common Shark - 49.99%

Leo Shark - 25%

Zib Shark - 25%

King Shark - 0.01%

Why Raging Sharks Will Grow Exponentially?

The structure of the Raging shark is such that it promises growth exponentially. The prices of the raging shark are pre-determined and will depend on the number of Raging sharks minted. Every 1% of the total revenue will be used to buy and burn floor prices to ensure continually stable/increasing prices. Hence, the price will automatically go up every 500 mint.

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What is whitelisting?

Whitelisting gives priority access to individuals who promote the growth of our project with private purchasing access ahead of the public release with less price.

How can I get whitelisted?

There are many ways of getting whitelisted. You can choose either way.

Invite 5 friends to join the Discord community.

Become an active member on the Discord server.

Tweet 5 times about our project.

Put our logo on your Social Media profile picture.

Minting phases

There will be 10,000 Raging Sharks ready for minting. Before the public sale starts, we’re hosting the private sale for whitelisted wallets. To find out more about getting whitelisted, go to our "Whitelisting" section. 

The four phases of the minting process are:

Phase 0 (Date/Time TBD): Private sale for the promised giveaways wallets.

Phase 1 (Date/Time TBD): Private sale for whitelisted wallets.

Phase 2 (Date/Time TBD): Private sale for whitelisted wallets.

Phase 3 (Date/Time TBD): Public sale begins.



Develop a program to generate 10,000 unique Raging Sharks with metadata and rarity scores.

Collaborate with Pinata and IPFS to host the collection so the NFTs can never be brought down.

Launch a website to post our story and roadmap.

Develop/test a minting website for the community.

Domain/launch the minting tool for the community. (Not live yet).

Partner with influencers and host giveaways on all social platforms to raise community engagement.



Collaborate with Rarity Tools/NFT Calendar/nifty SELECTS to schedule the launch on their platform to raise the awareness.


Private sale now starts. Make sure to have your Ethereum wallet installed, you can find more about the phases of the private sale above under the “Minting Phases” section.


Public sale now starts at 20 max per wallet.


 Every 1% of the total revenue will be used to buy and burn floor prices to ensure continually stable/increasing prices. Hence, the price will go up every 500 Raging Sharks are minted. Go down under “The Price Structure” section for more info.


Get listed on Rarity Tools to build up the demand and awareness.

Set up and fund the Community wallet with 1% of the total revenue. The community will vote and decide what charity to donate to.


Release a creator store that is full merchandise/wearable’ sets and giveaways. Every month, a random Raging Shark holder will win %10 of the profit.


Scale the store to the fullest and collaborate with massive stores to list our merch. Still, every month, a random Raging Shark holder will win %10 of the profit.


At 100% sold, we will reveal the collection!

1 lucky holder will receive 3 ETH, or 3 lucky holders will receive 1 ETH each. (The community is going to decide)

More TBA.


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